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Fiber Cement Board

Fiber Cement Board

The board is made by taking loose short fibers such as inorganic mineral fibers or cellulose fibers as reinforcing materials and siliceous-calcareous materials as main cementing materials, and forming calcium silicate cementing bodies through pulping, molding and autoclave curing. The autoclaved reaction of cement and siliceous materials in the raw materials has no longer formed a cement board in the traditional sense. It inherits the advantages of waterproof and anticorrosion of cement and overcomes the disadvantage of easy drying and shrinkage of common cement products. It is a new building material with excellent performance and wide application.

Fiber Cement Board Functional Products

Colorful Fiber Cement Board

It’s a curtain wall board for building facade with high density, high strength, low water absorption and various colors, which can also be used as interior decorative board for public buildings.

Wood Grain Fiber Cement Board

Fiber cement board is used as the base materials, which are firm, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, fire-proof, termite-proof; internal and external wall boards have wood texture on the surface, which can replace anticorrosive wood and natural logs.

Ceiling Board

It is a series of suspended ceiling boards developed on the basis of fiber cement board. While it has the comprehensive performance of fiber cement board, the board surface has different decorative effects such as embossing, relief, sandblasting, perforation, semi-perforation, printing, rebating, etc.

Floor Board

The high-strength fiber cement board is thick (20-30mm) and has high strength and can be combined with steel structure to form a floor system. The surface can be decorated with ceramic tiles, wood floors, carpets and floor finishes.

Fireproof Fiber Cement Board

It’s a fiber reinforced cement board with extremely high fire resistance being suitable for passive fire prevention requirements for modern buildings. It is applied to the fire-proof partition wall, fire-proof ceiling, fire-proof smoke pipe, fire-proof air pipe, smoke-proof roller shutter, steel structure protection, etc. which meet the requirements of high fire-proof limit in buildings

Plank Fiber Cement Board

The high-strength fiber cement thick board refined by special technology has the texture of natural wood on the surface and is used for outdoor planks. It is the best substitute alternative product for anticorrosive wood and natural logs, and can save a large amount of wood.

Fiber Cement Board Composite Product

UV Coating Fiber Cement Board

High-end fiber cement board is used as the base materials, and the surface of the board is subjected to multiple sanding, coating and curing on the production line, and is tightly sealed, and high-end UV paint is used as the surface coating of the building decoration board. In addition, the antibacterial clean plate made by coating nano antibacterial coating with special process can inhibit and kill various bacteria through contact and photocatalytic reaction.

Internal Decoration Fiber Cement Board

It is a green, low-carbon, energy-saving and environment-friendly new type of facing board with asbestos-free and zero-radiation high-density fiber cement board as the base material. After the surface color paper and the back balance paper are impregnated with resin of special formula. It’s pressed by high temperature and high pressure special production technology on the full-automatic production line. The facing layer is rich in color, uniform in texture, strong in plasticity, and has matte surface, high gloss surface, relief surface, etc.

Aluminum Panel Composite Fiber Cement Board

A fiber cement board is used as a base material, and a high-performance aluminum plate coated with high weather-resistant fluorocarbon paint or inorganic enamel is organically combined with the high-performance aluminum plate, and high-temperature pressurization, static pressure curing and other processes are assisted to manufacture the fiber cement board.

Insulation and Decoration Integrated Panel

Exterior wall insulation and decoration integrated board is a prefabricated board with exterior wall insulation and decoration functions. It consists of facing coating, base plate and thermal insulation layer. According to the customer’s requirements, the facing layer is coated with fluorocarbon paint, stone-like coating, water-based paint, oil-based paint, etc. in various colors; the base material is fiber cement board, and the insulation layer is made of rock wool, polyurethane, graphite polystyrene board, EPS, XPS and other materials.

EPS Sandwich Fiber Cement Wall Panel

It’s non-load-bearing lightweight composite wall material using fiber cement board as the panel, with light core material filled in the middle. It is composed of various building materials and replaces the traditional bricks and tiles.

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